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The DDO request (ddo req) is based on schooling that is given by the Government. These details related to the request are provided by the officers appointed by the Government and these officers will be there in the schools as staff. These officers will be given orders to do the needed in portal https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq. DDO request in related to A.P Treasury and these request are given for asking salaries paying bills.

DDO Request Detailed Information

Every government school in this state will be there in the ddo request portal. The login and password is given to every school and the people who are working in that school. They only the login is possible. A code will be given to each school and all other staffs are also having the various codes.
DDO Request and DDO Claims
In case of change in the staff, the code given to him will be allocated to the new staff coming in his place. The ddo request is send to know the salaries details month wise for the schooling staff. In this portal, the allocated officer will do the calculations and generated only after various changes like deductions, increments etc.

The main aim of this portal is to given the correct information about the salary and to get the exact salary every month. The changes can be made by the officers on the salaries when the increment is undergone. The deductions are also done by the officers in salaries like Loans, PF etc. After all the increments and deductions, the net salary can be obtained by the officer.

Then the bill will be generated after all the unnecessary changes by the officer and it will be sent for the next request, see whether the given details are sufficient are not. All these ddo request related works in the site are done by the officer who is allocated by the government.

The next step is that how to fill salary bills in DDO request. If any doubts on the DDO request procedure or on the bill passed the comment can be given in the related site to clarity the required doubt. If you can facing any problems on DDO Request, DDO Claims leave a comment below in the comment box.

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  1. How to fill a salary bills in treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq website? I read this full article. Nice piece of information. Thanks a lot. Please give reply as quick as possible. Thank You.