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How to Register in Employees Provident Fund of India (EPF India) in members.epfoservices.in....
You are reading an article regarding the registration in employee’s provident fund of India, generally known as EPF. This is the project which was undertaking by government of India under ministry of labor and employment. The employers who may have obtaining provident fund must be registered in this portal members.epfoservices.in to view their account and the details of the account like passbook…. Now the facility going on is the one who has submitted the challan or the returns of his / her awages up to this may i.e., may 2012 can be registered and can see or view their details.
After words there is no need for creating a new user id. The facility provided by the government is as follows. We can use our mobile number and any of the basic identification proofs like passport, pan card, driving license, Aadhaar card, National Population Register (NPR), voter id and bank account to register and thereby you can access your account after registering.
The above mentioned one of the proofs are mandatory or essential for the opening or registering of an account. So we must want a mobile number and any one of the mentioned proofs for logging in. you must note that one mobile number must be used for only one account i.e., you can only register only one account on one mobile number. If the employee has another account under another establishment you can apply for a transfer by using Form 13. One member can view a maximum of 10 accounts under different establishments.

EPF ePassbook Download Online in members.epfoservices.in

For registering of a new member you must click on the ‘click here to register’ link. You will direct in to another page where you must enter the details of your information in different fields. In the first field you have to enter your mobile number, secondly the date of birth of the employee which wants to register. Thirdly you must be enter the type of the document which you want to register under it. Then enter the name of the document in the fourth field. the fifth field was the name of yours which was present on the document. The above mentioned five fields are marked with ‘*’ symbol which represents that they are mandatory.
EPFO India Online Registration at member.epfoservices.in
The last field was about your email address, this is not like the above mentioned fields you may or may not enter your email address in this field. Then you must enter the text which shown in the box in the empty box and press the ‘GET PIN’, so you will get your pin to the mobile number which you presented in the first field while you are registering.
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At last once read the disclaimer which was presented in the bottom of the page and check the ‘I AGREE’ box. If you wont check it then you cannot register your account. After reading the disclaimer enter the PIN which you get to your mobile after checking the “GET PIN”. After you entering that pin then press submit push button. Congrats employee you registered your account successfully.

Now you can view your account by presenting the document type, document number and your mobile number at the starting of the page, I mean in the home page and make sure that you must logout after logging in.

EPFO India Online Registration, Download EPF ePassbook Online in  members.epfoservices.in and www.epfindia.com


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