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AP Registration and Stamps Department Website on Unit Rates, Citizen Services in www.registration.ap.gov.in....
CARD stands for Computer Aided Administration of Registration Department is started in 1998, It has various functions such as Registration of Documents, Valuation of immovable properties, Revenue Collection, Transfer Duty and registration fee, issue of EC, Chit funds etc are performed by CARD.

There has been a change in the process of Registration, instead of fast services. To serve the people and convey the information of Government the registration and stamp department took the step to get the required information services on Web.

AP Registration and Stamps Department Details in www.registration.ap.gov.in

Card Registration and stamps department unit rates are going to hike from 1 April. Before there are details which has been releasing in the websites, Andhra Pradesh government related CARD Registration and stamp Department has announced the changes about unit rates according to locations like city/town/village wise. The website is www.registartion.ap.gov.in. This registration.ap.gov.in website will be useful in many ways. It helps to know the Rates of lands. It is also helpful for the citizen to know various types in land rates of the property on the basis of its area. To know about this website more clearly, everybody should access through the internet in which everything is available. So many details like the Land Rates, Duty rates, and stamp details can be known from this website. The stamp vendor details can also be known through internet. Present the Ap Card Registration Department official domain is changed for the AP Registration and Stamps Department website. Now the new domain name for AP Registration and stamps department is www.registration.ap.gov.in. This registration.ap.gov.in domain was run the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The old domains name is not working now which is www.igrs.ap.gov.in that is related to AP registration and Stamp Department. Don't Miss: Fresh Passport Online Applying Procedure
AP Registration and Stamps Department www.registration.ap.gov.in
The record about Stamp Department is also available. The Registration process can also be known. Internet plays an important role in this as every information can be known with clarity without any doubt only through the registration.ap.gov.in website that is given which can be accessed only through internet. As per registration and stamp department records, the land market price will also be known here. The upto-date details relating to registration and announcement changes can also be known from the website that is allocated now. Also Read: Employee Provident Fund Online Transfer

AP Registration and Stamps Department Card Unit Rates, Citizen Services in www.registration.ap.gov.in


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